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Kayak angler lands a 66 lb. Halibut off the Washington coast

Off the Washington coast, in his sea kayak, Werner Paddle’s  Pro-Staff, Todd Switzer,  landed a Halibut a 51.5” halibut.  The monster fish weighed 66 lbs. and  fell just 4” short of the kayak-caught Halibut ...

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Choosing your Paddling Style

 Fishing paddles-Blade shape and paddling style. Simply put, if you focus on a paddle that fits you it will means less fatigue, more time on the water and more fish in the boat.  A lot goes into a great paddling paddle and each manufacture will happily tell their story, so do your research, try stuff out and make an ...

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Photo of the Day. Werner Paddle’s Pro-Staff, Bridgett Howard, Long Branch Lake in middle Tennessee.

"Ever been overwhelmed with the amount of 'fishy' water to be worked? Stumps, points, rock walls - oh my! At Long Branch Lakes in middle Tennessee, it's hard to decide exactly *which* part of the lake you'd like to pick ap ...

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