Our Story

The stories and memories made by the Furrer family are the foundation of our company today. Family and friends and their paddling adventures are what fueled Werner Sr's desire to design and build a better paddling paddle. Today we call it Ultimate Paddle Performance; it's our mission statement. In our desire to be an active member of this community, we continue to participate and give back. We treat our employees, vendors, dealers, team and customers with utmost respect. Like an extension of the Family that started it all. We believe that Handcrafted in Washington State, USA is certainly a thing to be proud of in this day and age. But beyond just keeping jobs in the US, we design and build to a higher standard. An attention to detail that truly makes our paddles perform the way they do. That pride in our work spans from designers, testers and craftsman to, we hope, the very hands of paddlers everywhere. Our place in our community now and tomorrow is forged by our past; the desire to design and build paddle performance that you will feel in your hands and trust through the water, with every stroke.

Historical Timeline

Through the decades we have been on the water, there have been special events and memories that have shaped who we are today. Our company and our mission have been molded through the Furrer family’s pursuit for a better paddling paddle, forging our design and fit options, and through our monumental achievements that helped build our reputation for performance and reliability within the paddling community.

Here’s a look and the history of Werner Paddles. We pay tribute to Martha and Werner Sr. in the early years, to today’s production team in Sultan, WA and everyone in between who helped write our story.

We hope you enjoy and help us to continue our story on into the future.

Our Commitment

We believe Advanced Designs and Fit are the key ingredients of a Werner Paddle. As paddlers of all levels of experience hit the water, we're all after the same thing; fun, and as little fatigue as possible. It starts with a great fit and with that more comfort and reduced fatigue, making way for a better physical performance on the water. Next we ensure paddle performance; at the core of our designs are light swing weight, smooth strokes and balance. Then, across our entire range of paddles, for every discipline and performance level, you'll find specific advanced design features that will improve your time spent on the water. On behalf of the folks at Werner Paddles, we make a promise that our pride and quality workmanship will be evident every time you pick up our paddle. You can see it in our unsurpassed attention to quality and feel it with every paddle stroke.

Advanced Design + Advanced Fit

Key ingredients of a Werner Paddle

Advanced Fit

Paddlers at all levels are after the same thing: Fun and minimal fatigue. This starts with a great fit, leading to better physical performance on the water.

Advanced Design

Design drives our Ultimate Paddle Performance, experienced in light swing weight, smooth strokes and precise balance.

Handcrafted in Washington State, USA

We are proud to say each Werner Paddle is handcrafted in Washington State, USA. With over 75 people bringing each paddle to life, their attention to detail is evident in our reputation for quality and reliability. You'll see the difference first hand and most certainly feel it with
every stroke on the water.

Healthy Waters

Together we can make a difference by supporting these great non-profit, environmental organizations. Through their work, they protect the water quality, wildlife and access of the places we paddle.