5 Key Points to ensure a successful intro to SUP for your kids

1. FUN! Most importantly keep it fun! Kids love FUN, games, anything that doesn't seem like work. They will like things like learning tricks, finding waves, playing games like handball while on the board, fun relay races. All of these things will make them better paddlers without them knowing it....

2. EQUIPMENT! Try to get them on the right equipment for their size, weight, and level. They will have a more realistic experience of the sport if they are on equipment that fits them correctly ie board and paddle. They will be able to paddle properly, turn, and do some pretty rad tricks. Most kids end up paddling on their parents equipment which is big and awkward and doesn't allow them to learn the basics correctly

3. CHALLENGE! Make sure you ease into it. Don't just throw them into big choppy water where their success rate will be lower... start off with calm shallow water and as their confidence increases you can introduce them to more challenging conditions. 

4. ROLE MODEL! Get out on the SUP with them. If they see you out there enjoying the sport, good chance they will too... 

5. FRIENDS! Find a club, a class, a program... get them out with their friends. Peers have amazing influence over each other...and it brings it back to point 1. It is more fun with friends.

Author: Lina Augaitis, Team Athlete SUP