Greenland Kite-Kayak Supertrip 5000 August 26th update.

Not a lot to report in this week's update from Werner Paddle's athlete Ben Stookesbury, as he along with team members Sarah Mcnair-Landry and Erik Boomer continue to kite-ski (towing all of their camping and paddling gear) 600 miles across the Greenland ice cap.  If you are just tuning in now, you can get caught up on the details of their expedition HERE.  You can also follow their progress on Gram Wire.

Below is Ben's most interesting updates from this week, a week that saw just a few communications from the team.

August 23rd
"This is a ridiculous and futile endeavor without these two. Boomer and Sarah are at home here in the middle this vast expanse of ice where the temperature last night dipped below zero and Northern lights danced in an August sky. We wake at midnight, because we have nearly four hundred miles still to go to a place Boomer calls Twin Galaxies. Will we make it there? Will the destination be worth the 600 mile crossing? I guess we'll see... Won't we? #greenlandkitekayaksupertrip5000 #weneedmorewind #6degreesnorthofthearcticcircle  "