Werner Paddles Logo Story

The Werner Paddles logo is one of tradition and family.  Have you ever heard the story?  Although apparent earlier in the relationship of Martha and Werner Furrer (on items such as their climbing gear or Martha's pottery,) the logo was not evident on paddles until the first Werner design In 1965.  Looking at the drawing, the “M” represented Martha and the “W” represented Werner. These also represented water and mountains, the places they loved and where they raised their family. As that family grew, the circle was added to represent the 6 of them together. Lastly, the birds were added to celebrate the freedom they felt on the water and in the outdoors. A family story that we just love to tell.  Enjoy the video as they tell the story and if so inspired, learn more of our history on our interactive timeline at www.wernerpaddles.com/about.