Eric Schrock: Remembering my Dad

This video is very special and sentimental to me as my dad was the photographer and he has passed away. He was my best fishing partner and together we grew in this sport. I couldn’t wait to share what I had learned from each fishing trip if he wasn’t with me, so in that essence I was never alone. My dad loved to fish as I did but when I became part of the Werner Paddles fishing team he selflessly volunteered to put his rods down and to focus on getting some quality photos of me fishing to help promote the teams I am so committed to which: YakAttack, Feelfree Kayaks and Werner Paddles as of 2017. I am so proud to be part of these great companies and that I was able to share these experiences with my dad.

The pictures in this video were all taken by David Schrock. He passed away so unexpectedly in July, 2017. Being on the water will never be the same. My passion for fishing, kayaking and being outdoors remains the same because it is not only who I am, it is who my dad has helped me become. Werner Paddles, YakAttack and Feelfree Kayaks have kept this passion growing because these are the tools of the sport that have made our time together a pure joy with many unforgettable experiences. I am blessed to have had his influence, guidance and friendship. Every venture on the water will be in his memory and I know with each stroke of the paddle he is with me.

Note: My dad can be seen in the video taking photos when I am releasing a citation Largemouth bass.