Kayak Anglers.  We present to you, Redfish.

Tailing at Werner Paddles kayak fishing dealers, the latest addition to our line up of HD Graphics in the Hooked series, we give you Redfish. Available on our Premium Shuna and Camano Hooked models, HD Graphics add no weight and turns a great performing paddling into a true work of art.  Designed in our Sultan Washington facilities, redfish is a collaboration between our graphics team and the pro-staff, to truly capture the beauty of this species.   Talk to your local Werner Paddles Hooked dealer today to ORDER your low-angle Camano or high-angle Shuna Hooked in the new Redfish, today.




Redfish joins our family of HD Graphics in the Hooked kayak fishing line.  Below you will see our Hooked Camano and Shuna models in the stealth option, "Trophy," high visibility option, "Catch" and our limited edition partnership with our friends at Jackson Kayak, matching their GI Jackson color scheme.


Our philosophy of giving anglers what they have asked us for, a great paddling paddle, has been a success in helping anglers better enjoy fishing from a kayak.  Be sure to follow our series of kayak fishing videos HERE and to learn more about how 50 years on the water has shaped who we are today, have a look at the history of Werner Paddles HERE.


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