Kayak Fish FRYDay.  California, kayak fishing, teenagers team up to land a massive salmon.

Werner Paddle's sea kayak ambassador, Jason Self, coaches ocean paddling skills at his school Kayak Trinidad, in Humbold Country California.  2 of his start students, teenagers Cory Soll (15) and Nate Ferguson (12 ) are stoked to be on the sea no matter if long boats, surf boats, stand up paddle boards, surf boards and on this particular adventure, fishing kayaks.  Jason tells the story of how our heroes, along with some help from Coach, manage to land a massive salmon.

To make an epic day even greater, the young men (Cory-L + Nate-R) walked up to the car buzzing after their adventure, to only bump right into legndary musician Jack Johnson.


Jason Self-Kayak Trinidad

"We spotted a large group of birds in the water about 1 mile off shore of Trinidad, near Pilot Rock, and paddled out to them. Large groups of birds on the water usually indicate batifish, and where there's bait there's salmon. Cory paddles in closer to the rocks and tosses his gear over to the wall. I see him hook up but assume it's just rockfish and I continue fishing. Nate, fishing close by, paddles over to see what he buddy is up to and if he can assist.   A few seconds later I hear Nate holler for me and as I look up, the fish is towing Cory into the wall.  Of course it is just about the only spot in the ocean today with breaking swell expoding onto the rocks. So I book it over and clip on my tow line and start towing both of them out away from the wash while Cory fights what we now know to be a salmon. I tell Nate to get the net out, but he had dropped it in the water on the way over to help Cory as he approached the breaking waves. Safely away from the rocks I was able to use my game bag to net the fish and hand it off to the boys.

We then got a visit from a heavy heavy local, a huge sea lion, as he got wind of the salmon and started right for us. We managed to paddle away enough that it eventually lost interest. A few minutes later, a small shark surfaced about a foot from Cory, waking us all up pretty quick. Bottom line, it took quite the team effort and overcoming some "interesting" obstacles for the young men to land this trophy fish."

Congrats to Cory and well done to his friend Nate and coach Jason for keeping it together and working as a team.  We applaude Jason and others like him, mentoring the next generation of kayakers to be stronger paddlers, kayak anglers and watermen.