Kayak Fish FRYDay.  Paddling through the Surf Zone. Be Smart + Be Safe.

"Whether a coastal angler, or experiencing high winds on your local lake, eventually you will be forced to deal with breaking waves."  Werner Paddle's Pro-Staff Richie Bekolay is spot on with his advice.  He spent the time to work with us to develop this video on how to safely plan to launch and land your fishing kayak through the surf zone.  Certainly we want to address that the conditions anglers face around the world vary greatly and size of waves, wind, water temperature and bottom contours  make some situations far more dangerous than others.  It is our advice to take the core principles Richie lays out in this video, and then use practice, team work and above all good judgement when applying them to your local fishing spots.  Beyond the surf zone may offer phenominal fishing, but have you considered all the risks to you and your gear in getting there?


For more from Richie Bekolay, follow him at his award winning blog, "Hook-Line and Sinker."  For more instructional videos for the kayak angler, visit Werner TV-Kayak Fishing.