Kayakfish FRYDay.  Fishing made easier with bouyant, Ultimate Performance, Hooked paddles.

Werner Paddles, Kayakfish FRYDay presents, technology talk. This quick video demonstration shows the ease in which our Ultimate carbon Hooked kayak fishing paddles surface from the water.  This "buoyant blade" technology makes paddling easier, by having the blade "pop" from the water with every stroke.  The key to an efficient forward stroke is to enter the blade early and exit the blade early (at your hip to be exact) to keep the blade in a more powerful position throughout the stroke and therefore using less energy.  With the aid of our buoyant blades, you will find your stroke improving and you paddling easier, hence fishing more effectively.  Learn about this and other benefits of our Ultimate Cyprus and Kalliste Hooked models, like super light full carbon construction,  here: http://www.wernerpaddles.com/paddles/compare/199/72