Ultimate Performance for Kayak Fishing

Spending time on the water in pursuit of your favorite species of fish is ultimately what matters. Knowing that each cast could be met with an electrifying tug is what motivates us all to make the time to get out there on the water — it’s an addiction. Utilizing a kayak provides an opportunity to stealthily approach your honey hole. This is the biggest reason why the Inuit choose to use kayaks as their fishing vessel over a thousands years ago. With the growing popularity of kayak fishing, this only continues to show the simplicity and efficacy of this tradition.

With each paddle stroke, not only do you have complete control of your kayak in every single situation, but you have a deep intimacy with the water and your surroundings. A paddle provides freedom through versatility and reliability. You have the ability to launch your kayak and fish waters where other style boats can’t go allowing you to reach unpressured fish thus resulting in greater odds of a successful fishing trip. This awards you piece of mind and allows you to focus on why you get up so early in the morning in the first place to fish.

When looking at the choice of paddles a consideration of performance and price may ultimately effect your decision. The Kalliste: Hooked is a low-angle paddle that suits most sit-on top style kayaks. This paddle was engineered to provide light buoyant stokes while the back face of the blade provides a quiet entrance and exit from the water. The all carbon fiber construction makes the paddle light weight (23.25oz) with optimal strength to weight ratio. It is the preferred paddle of Werner Pro-Staff team anglers: Jim Sammons, Rob Choi, Bridgett Howard, Guillermo Gonzalez to name a few.

One of the most important pieces of gear is your paddle; it propels you to those uncharted fishing grounds. When spending long days paddling, your paddle should start with a great fit and with that comes more comfort and reduced fatigue, making way for better physical performance on the water. Werner Paddles’ deeply held belief is that a great kayak fishing paddle is a great paddling paddle. The age old campfire conversations about what tackle catches more fish perhaps has just evolved into modern times — we will always #Paddle4Fish.