Infinity SUP working with to resurrect the LA River

Los Angeles, California.  "Tree People," an organization founded to inspire and support the people of LA to come together to plant and care for trees, harvest the rain, and renew depleted landscapes. are working with the City to resurrect the LA River.  Organization founder and president, Andy Liptis, is quoted in the movie below as saying this about the project.  "It's a better way to raise our kids, healthier, safer and more inspirational.  It's vital we do it for our infrastucture needs, to control flooding, droughts and heat.  But its vital to our spirit that we have this wilderness."  Our friend Dave Boehne, co-owner of SO-Cal's  Infinity Surf Shop, stand up paddled the LA River in 2009 to show that it was a viable waterway for recreation.  Fast forward to 2015 and he is brining in a youth movement with young paddlers Trevor and Tyler Basher to help promote the work the Tree People are doing.  Watch the film below to learn more.