Reach for the Apex


Werner Paddles’ new race model is the perfect choice for both elite and recreation stand up paddlers looking to reach the Apex of their performance. Achieving Ultimate Paddle Performance is at the core of our designs; we take pride in our craftsmanship which is evident every time you put your paddle in the water.

The unique concave power pocket allows each stroke to enter the water with a trusted confident catch providing rock solid stability. With a high visibility graphic and available in three blade sizes 76 in2, 83 in2 and 91 in2 accommodating a wide range of paddler styles. The model is offered in either the standard or small fit shaft diameter. Available in either the classic or tech shaft stiffness: the Classic shaft is the best option for those looking for less impact and fatigue for those longer races while the Tech shaft is recommended for short distance races as it provides maximum power.

The Apex is handcrafted in Washington State and has been put through a rigorous validation process. For those who want to be at their personal best — reach for the Apex.