The Grand Canyon by SUP and pushing your Comfort Zone.

It is a blessing to be asked to join a Grand Canyon trip, for some a once in a lifetime opportunity. So when Danny Mongno, Werner Paddle's marketing manager, a kayaker for close to 30 years, was invited why on earth did he decide to stand up paddle it? "Honestly it all came down to my fiancé Celeste. I just felt like I could more easily jump off the board and spend time with her in the raft." A self proclaimed non-expert, he knew the skills he had gave him a chance on most rapids, with very honest expectations of some of the big ones.  Mongno said, "I am honored to manage Team Werner Paddles and we have some UNREAL athletes on the whitewater SUP side. I have so much respect for them but was honest with myself that I do paddle like them. But I had a positive outlook and knew with the deep water I was relatively safe.  I hope I inspire some others to push outside their comfort zone." Enjoy the short video documenting some success, lots of swims (all of "Hance" rapid) and some gorgeous scenery. Thanks to trip leader Ed Huber, of Splitrock Productions, for the edit.


Next up?  Middle Fork of the Salmon, Idaho.  Body armor is packed and the stoke is high.