9 Seasons of Bomber Reliability

Location: Chuya River, Russia
Photo Credit: Don Beveridge

Words by Max Kniewasser

After 9 seasons, it's time to retire my trusted Werner Paddles Sho-Gun paddle and replace it with a new one. Not because it's broken or not performing well -- it's still the best paddle I have ever used. But after 9 seasons of continuous hard paddling, including trips to several continents and some major expeditions, the paddle holds too much sentimental value to risk losing. Also, the accumulated palm grease is making it hard to hold onto the paddle.

Looking back, I can't believe that this one paddle has accompanied me for nearly half my paddling career, including on some of my best trips across the globe. It never failed me. Once I lost it after a swim and only found it the next day further downstream hidden inside a cave (I still can't believe we found it!).  Airlines lost it on several occasions (and I'm sure trashed it), but it always found its way back to me.

So, needless to say, this is the best performing paddle I ever used, both in terms of performance and reliability. 

I wonder what trips my next Werner Sho-Gun paddle will accompany me on.


Summary of trips and paddling highlights:

Location: Stikine River
Photo Credit: Ben Hawthorne


BC season
Triple Crown (Stikine, Alsek, Susitna)
Grand Canyon of Colorado
Africa (Zambezi + White Nile)

Location: Callaghan Creek, BC
Photo Credit: Steve Rogers


BC season
Callaghan Race win

Location: Homathko River
Photo Credit: Chris Tretwold


BC season
Homathko to Waddington Ski & Kayak expedition
Callaghan Race win

Location: Thule Behri
Photo Credit: Steve Arns


BC season
Yukon + Alaska Trip (Alsek, Nass, etc.)
Nepal trip

Location: Little Qualicum River
Photo Credit: Greg Dashper


BC season

Location: Alsek River
Photo Credit: Simon Rutherford


Short BC season due to shoulder injury

Location: Humla Karnali, Nepal
Photo Credit: Steve Arns


BC season
Russia - Altai expedition


BC season
Callaghan Race win


BC season

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