Whitewater Wednesday. “Californian Oasis.”  How Dylan Mckinney spent his summer.

Happy #WhitewaterWednesday to you.  We teamed up with the good people at the Green Race to host the "How I spent my Summer Vacation," video contest for this year's 21st annual running of the race.  Boater-film makers were asked to condense their submission to 5 minutes of less.

#WernerPaddles athlete Dylan McKinney submitted, "Californian Oasis."  In his description of the video, he had this to say "Expedition kayaking is crude and one of the most fluid ways to experience the outdoors. Exposed to the wilderness, locked into gorges for miles, and shouldering your eighty pound plus boat with the basic essentials to live for miles upon miles in the unforgiving Californian heat can be tough, but such a rewarding and humbling experience. Come take a short tour and inside look into the High Sierras of California by the beautiful rivers and creeks that have carved through way through some of the most rugged terrain in North America."

We hope you will enjoy. (Thumbnail photo by Chris Korbulic.)