East Coast Whitewater Festival Season

The Beaver River Rendezvous kicks off the East Coast whitewater festival season on Labor Day weekend (Sep 1 to Sep 4) with 4 days packed full of whitewater releases in New York’s Adirondack Park. It’s a must attend for anyone looking to experience New York’s classic runs. Werner has been a long-time supporter of New York’s boating community and we want to share the stoke with you this Whitewater Wednesday.

5 Reasons to Attend the Beaver River Rendezvous

Reliable Whitewater for Everyone
During the Beaver River Rendezvous, there are 6 river runs featuring recreational dam releases. The Black River (class III-IV) and Salmon River (class II-III) offer beginner and intermediate options. The Taylorville (class III-IV) and Mosier Sections (Class IV-V) of the Beaver River are excellent creek training grounds with some visually stunning slides and waterfalls sure to impress your Instagram followers. The Eagle section of the Beaver River (class V) and Stone Valley section of the Raquette River (class V) offer excitement to any expert looking for a challenge.

Danny Doran
Photo: Dan Cash

Whitewater King of New York
The Whitewater King of New York’s Raquette race ranks among the hardest race courses on the East Coast and draws some of the best racers in the sport. The Raquette’s challenging rapids and relatively long race course is a physical and technical challenge that demands a peak level of fitness and skill. It’s the Eagle Race on Sunday, however, that should not be missed by anyone captivated by whitewater paddling. Whether you like to watch the show or be the show, the Eagle’s short and steep course is a spectator favorite that draws crowds to a spectacular Adirondack setting.

Pat Keller
Photo: Dan Cash

Fun, Free Events
From the Friday evening’s free rescue mini-clinic to Sunday’s fun beach ball race down the Taylorville section of the Beaver River, there are a number of activities planned to educate and entertain #beaverfest attendees. A “Babes on the Beaver” women’s paddle on Saturday down the Taylorville section will foster new friendships and celebrate women on the water. These events are free to attend and offer fun give-aways to add to your swag collection.

Ian Van Wingert
Photo: Dan Cash

Stunning Adirondack Setting
The Beaver River Rendezvous campground is located deep in the Adirondacks on the banks of Taylorville Lake. This location is central to the various whitewater stretches that take paddlers deep into the Adirondack’s wild pine forests and pristine mountain lakes. You will definitely want to check out the sunset from the festival grounds so load up your cooler and find yourself a good spot to watch the show.

Jared Seiler
Photo: Kenneth Dingsor

You Can Bring Your Friends or Partner
No need to leave anyone behind when you make your way to the Beaver. The trails along the Raquette offer enjoyable hiking access right from the put-in with opportunities to view the waterfalls and rapids. Werner is supporting SUP events including a demo and SUP yoga classes on Sunday morning right at the festival campground that will wrap up in time to spectate at the Eagle Race. Commercial rafting can be reserved on the Black River. The party on Saturday night features live music and dancing around the campfire. You don’t have to be a paddler to enjoy the Beaver River Rendezvous…but it helps.

Pat Keller
Photo: Dan Cash