Enjoy a Wild and Scenic River in Idaho this summer.

Idaho is “The Whitewater State,” and it hosts some of the best Wild and Scenic rivers for whitewater paddle boating in the country. Not to mention it’s the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, which was signed in 1968 and included in its first designations Idaho’s Salmon (Middle Fork & Main Salmon) and Clearwater (Lochsa, Selway & Clearwater) rivers. Subsequent designations in Idaho include the Snake, Owyhee, Jarbidge/Bruneau,and St. Joe rivers. So much Wild and Scenic paddling – so little time.

Feeling a little more ambitious? You can help American Whitewater advocate for new Wild and Scenic river protections just by paddling and documenting your runs in Idaho this year. The US Forest Service is going through management plan updates and great whitewater rivers like the South and North forks of the Clearwater River, Fish Creek, Big Sands Creek, and many more are being discussed for Wild and Scenic “eligibility” status. When streams are found eligible for Wild and Scenic designation during Forest planning the Forest Service commits to managing the rivers as wild and scenic to preserve their free flowing nature and outstandingly remarkable values so the can be designated in the future.

However you do it, if you can pull it off, make your way to Idaho and dip your paddle blade in a Wild and Scenic river this summer. We promise you will not regret it! To learn more about how you can help advocate for Idaho rivers just by paddling and documenting your adventures, head over to American Whitewater