Jackson Kayak.  More than a decade later, still BIG news in a Small TN town.

It was 2003 when Jackson Kayak was officially founded in the small town of Sparta, TN.  But even though they are over a decade into their exciting history, the positive effect the company has had on this small Tennessee town is still big news.  Both in the economic benefits as well as the cultural, as it goes beyond just the jobs it has created directly and indirectly but in how people interact with the Caney Fork River that flows through.   Although the first one to give credit where it is due amongst his family and the staff, for the success of Jackson Kayak in the paddle sports industry, at the very beginning you have to look toward athlete/businessman Eric Jackson.  Known the world over in conference rooms, captain's meetings and in the eddy simply as EJ, the story of where he came from and how he and his family arrived where they are today is as interesting a story today as it has ever been.  Recently the Tennessean (A member of the USA Today network of media) did a piece on Jackson Kayak and how the region surrounding their soon to be 2 facilities, has affected made a better life for hundreds.   Take a minute to read the article in the HERE



In our collaboration with Jackson Kayaks on our Limited Edition Hooked kayak fishing paddles, we referred to Jackson Kayak and Werner Paddles as “2 great families of kayaking."  It is truly an honor to partner with not just the company, but with Emily, Kristine, Dane, Nick, EJ and now of course the next generation coming up in Tucker, KC and Parker.  We look forward to many more years of spreading the love of paddling, sometimes taking it one small town at a time.