The latest project from award winning filmmaker Ben Stookesberry will show for the first time live at 7PM PDT, Thursday; August 27th on . Headlined by the film, the event will feature an introduction from American Whitewater (AW); a Q and A with Ben and fellow expedition team members Lane Jacobs, Rafa Ortiz and Jules Domine; and a round table with International Rivers to discuss the future of wild rivers in Colombia. AW members will receive a link to a half price ticket, with 100% of those proceeds going to support AW (if your not a member, signup and you'll get the link too). 20% of all other ticket sales will go to support International River's conservation initiative in Colombia. 

2-time National Geographic "Adventurer of the Year"  Ben Stookesberry presents his latest Expedition Kayaking Doc: Return To El Guayas. In this 30 minute documentary, Ben teams up with Red Bull exponent Rafa Ortiz and long-time expedition kayaker Lane Jacobs to attempt the first descent of one of Colombia’s wildest rivers: El Rio Guayas. Ben, Lane, and Frenchman Jules Domine previously attempted the river in 2017 but hiked-out above the most remote portion river because of concerns about high water and the safety of an area known for it's history of armed conflict. Now, two years later Ben, Lane, and Rafa are still questioning the security situation. But with the looming threat of hydroelectric development destroying the river forever, the trio enters the river. 2 days downstream, rain pours down and river rises exponentially in the most remote portion of the canyon. With no way out and rumors of armed groups in mind, they paddle down the now flooded river and into the unknown.