Throwback Thursday. V27.  Adidas Sickline Extreme race.

Werner Paddles Throwback Thursday, Volume 27 looks at the Adidas Sickline race.  #TBT to 2009 when someone other than the UK's Joe Morely or NZL's Sam Sutton hoisted the coveted champion's belt and the the honor of taking the gold from this insane international talent pool.  (See all past results HERE.)  Is this year someone new stands atop of the podium or does the 2-man reign continue?

(Photo courtesy of Adidas Sickline.  Joe Morley, 2013-14 winner with the Champion's Belt.)

With a slew of Team Werner Paddles athletes on course practicing for Friday's prelim rounds, we are super excited to follow all the action.  Watch the live feed at (brodcast starts Saturday 10/3 8:00am EDT.)  For more info on the event, check out their Facebook page. The new Odachi race paddle is getting rave reviews from the racers and we hope it can help folks like Dane Jackson, Nick Troutman, Mathieu Dumolin and Rush Sturges put some heat on the field.

Safe lines to all the racers and of course best of luck to Team Werner.

Below, watch System X and Werner Athlete Matěj Holub take us down Austria's Otztal River, the site of the race.