Werner Powerhouse – The Power House of Whitewater Paddles

Werner Powerhouse – The Power House of Whitewater Paddles
Written by: Jared Nosal

As kayakers, over the years we seem to discover what works best for us in our own niches of the sport of whitewater paddling. From the types of kayaks that fit your needs for a specific stretch of river, to the type of shoes you feel the most comfortable navigating in and around a wet and slick environment. We develop bonds with each piece of gear we utilize every day on the water. This gear inspires confidence, becomes dependable, and sometimes we can feel out of our element when we switch designs, or even brands.

For the five years that I have been kayaking, I have developed a special bond with the Werner Powerhouse blade. I have four Powerhouse paddles in my quiver and feel reluctant to make a change. The combination of the large surface area of the blades and the flex of the paddle have been instrumental in ensuring I get the most out of every paddle stroke. From chaotic, big whitewater to the steep, low volume creeks, this paddle is a staple in the kayaking realm. I never feel as if my body is being strained or worn out, and each paddle stroke cuts through the water like butter while getting massive amounts of purchase.

The Powerhouse is a blade design specific to well-conditioned paddlers who can exert energy without sacrificing fatigue. For smaller paddlers, a small shaft diameter is also an option. The Werner Sherpa would also be an ideal sized blade with the same benefits of the Powerhouse with slightly less surface area of the blade itself, making the paddle strokes feel even easier to control.

If you find yourself in the situation of trying to determine what paddle design is best for your first purchase, or if you are considering switching up your paddle to add a little spice to your arsenal of paddles, the Powerhouse is a great starting point. This paddle is available in the ultra-durable fiberglass design as well as the super-reliable carbon blade. A light weight paddle with bomber reliability and a high level of blade maneuverability that makes linking several strokes with high amounts of purchase easy and reliable in all situations. The Werner Powerhouse is a confidence inspiring whitewater paddle that will keep you moving forward and rolling upright with ease. This blade design truly is the power house of whitewater paddles.