Whitewater Wednesday.  Sage Donnelly’s win and the amazing Feather Fest 2016

Happy Whitewater Wednesday to you.  One of the best autumn whitewater festivals, and California's largest, is Feather Fest.  Werner Paddle's  athlete Sage Donnelly  has been paddling sections of the Feather since she's NINE years old, but it is just coming into to own racing in the past years.  With help from friends at ACA California , she dialed her lines in for this season's race and took the win and ended up with an impressive time that would have landed her in the top 20 overall!  Enjoy the video of the Tobin race, featuring Sage, put together by the great folks from ACA California.  Learn more about the Fest on their Facebook page, Feather River Fest , or from the good folks at American Whitewater , because as we here SO many times in our sport,  without their help this gem would not be possible.