Whitewater Wednesday-Bren Orton 2016 Highlight reel.

As we sit around as boaters and debate who falls into the group of the most elite talents in the World, the name Bren Orton comes up more and more these days.  The young man with the crazy hair from Warrington, England has gone from freestyle specialist, to a super well rounded paddler since he started a more intense International travel routine in 2013.  Sponsored by hometown brand, Pyranha Kayaks, US travel was made possible by the Demshitz crew and Pyranha USA.  Soon Bren's talent as a creek boater was exploding as well as finding more time for his true passion, big wave surfing.  Check out his 2016 highlight reel and see for yourself, Bren is on fire!    If you like, Follow Bren's You Tube channel HERE.