Whitewater Wednesday. 360 Video tour of the Grand Canyon

Friend, Werner Paddles athlete and film maker, John Grace, recently had the opportunity to one again head into the Grand Canyon on a self-supported whitewater kayak mission.  From the John, "The Grand Canyon exists on a scale few other things in nature can compare with. If you are interested in learning how to self-support kayak the Grand Canyon or any river for that matter here is a link to the film entitled, "12 Days."  The hour long look at the journey through the Canyon is the most compelling self-support kayaking film ever produced."

Enjoy this 360 video showing some of the more iconic rapids and side hikes.  For those of you that 360 video is new, it is designed to be watched on your phone or tablet.  With it, you can move your hand held device around to view the Canyon from 360 degrees.  It's AWESOME and inspiring.