Whitewater Wednesday.  Introducing the 4-piece breakdown, Rio.

Happy #WhitewaterWednesday When you need it, your breakdown paddle is the most important piece of boating gear to you or your paddling mates. However it is often the most over looked piece as well. Why? Well at the core it's hard to spend $ on gear that lives in the back of your kayak and rarely sees the light of day. So with the boater in mind, we are introducing the Rio 4-piece breakdown. At a wallet friendly $165 price tag, there really is no more excuse not to be safe out there.  When you do pull it out, we have incorporated a feature from our World famous Premium whitewater breakdowns, to bring performance to the Rio even at an outstanding price.  The feature that sets this model apart is our ferrule systems at the blade to shaft attachment.  Utilizing fiberglass ferrules we achieve a precise, tight fit.  Nothing else meets this standard at this price point.  Certainly for the ultimate in performance in a breakdown, we still offer our Premium 4-piece Powerhouse, Sherpa, Sidekick and Player.  With stiffer, lighter swing weight Premium fiberglass blades, these models will certainly excel in performance.  Now Werner gives you options, what works best for you and your crew?  Check out the short video and then the log onto the Rio product page for more details or perhaps to find a local dealer or Buy Now on line.