Whitewater Wednesday.  NRS films presents, “Drawn to Water.”

Whitewater Wednesday.  We have some great friends at NRS.  Both from a dealer side, their amazing staff helps so many paddlers find the perfect fitting Werner Paddle and allow them to start the search for new adventures on the water.  From an industry partner standpoint, helping to support our specialty paddle sport retailers Worldwide and promote the sport of paddling.  They too believe in all categories of paddling, whitewater kayaking and whitewater SUP, seakayaking, kayak fishing, rafting, stand up paddling, canoeing and recreational paddling. But also, just from the friend-friend side of things.  Good people that you want to share a beer, a story, a tent, a raft tube or maybe just a soft patch of grass if the party got really ramped up.  We are like minded to say the least, so that is why we thought it would be great to share their new video, "Drawn to Water."  It certainly speaks to many of the values and philosphies we believe in and live here at Werner Paddles.  Great job ladies and gents of Moscow, Idaho and thanks for keeping the stoke alive.