Whitewater Wednesday. V36.  Mid-Atlantic News. 1st Annual Holtwood Rodeo

The excitement of this Whitewater Wednesday V36 feature is fueld by the hard work so many of our friends put into making this event a reality.  After a 10 year effort (volunteer hours mind you) Mid-Atlantic boaters and more specifically the local "Storm Hole" crew have the "Holtwood Whitewater Park" on line and ready for their "First Annual-Holtwood Rodeo."  The park, which is on the Susquehanna River in Delta, PA, serves up a sick wave and hole and the local crew should be joined by a host of heavy hitters to see who can claim the Female and Male title of Best at Holtwood.  For those who like a little blood, bring your go-fast boat and full face helmet to bang it out in the boater-cross race.  The event is on November 7th, High Noon, and you can get more information and follow along with the community on the Facebook PAGE.  Big thanks to our friend Brand Nelson, from the legendary Starrk Moon kayak shop, for sponsoring.  Teaser video by G3 Productions.