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      Guide Stick Product Notice

      Back in August of 2010, Werner Paddles discovered a potential breakage problem with the t-grip handle on our Guide Stick therefore we immediately halted shipping these paddles. Potential breakage may have resulted from a weakened handle fatigued through strenuous use. Although such breakage was unusual, any likelihood is not acceptable to us or our customers.  We redesigned the handle and began shipping improved Guide Sticks in November 2010. The new paddles have a small letter stamped on the handle just above where the handle meets the shaft.  If your Guide Stick does not have a letter stamped just above where the handle meets the shaft please contact our Customer Service team at 1.800.275.3311 to arrange a replacement. We will issue a return shipping label and cover all costs associated with your return and replacement paddle shipment.

      Please note that this Guide Stick Roundup does not impact any other Werner Premium Canoe Paddle. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

      Please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service team at 1.800.275.3311 if you have any questions.

      Improved Ferrule System and Free Button Cover

      We have redesigned our Adjustable Ferrule to make it even better!  The NEW low profile button looks and feels like a one piece paddle. The button is flush with the shaft preventing snagging or unintended release.

      Our paddles are tested every day in extreme conditions. Our prior ferrule was designed to be easy to use and is working as intended. We are always looking to improve the performance and resilience of our products and the new Adjustable Ferrule with flush button is just such an improvement.

      We don’t want our customers with 2008 and prior Adjustable Ferrules to be left out. We are offering, FREE of charge, the Werner Button Cover.  This Button Cover will allow you to retro fit your, 2008 and prior paddles, to perform at the level our new ferrule design.  The Werner Button Cover creates a transition from the shaft to the top of the button and will fit both Standard and Small diameter shafts.

      To install the button cover:

      1. Gently work the cover onto the shaft.

      2. Apply soapy water to the shaft.

      3. Grab the button cover with a small towel and work the cover into position over the button.

      To receive your FREE Werner Button Cover click here.

      For our international customers, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.