Due to the facility moving from Washington to Tennessee, custom paddle and repair/warranty requests are on pause until further notice.
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      Stand Up Paddle Surfing

      Stand Up Paddle Surfing

      Step-up, fish, nose rider, short board, gun. One design won’t get it done when it comes to excelling in the variety of conditions we are faced with. It’s as natural as the salt scented air we breathe to need a quiver of boards. As stand up surfers we need to start thinking, not just about our boards, but our paddle. Why would a paddle designed for race, or versatile use be expected to perform at a high level in the surf? Werner Paddles has invested in the wave rider. We tasked our product development team to design, construct and test the best stand up surfing paddle. After months in the research and development room and on the water, we enter the new age of the Rip Stick.