Due to the facility moving from Washington to Tennessee, custom paddle and repair/warranty requests are on pause until further notice.
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      Why Werner Paddles Matter

      "...It occurred to me last night that so many of the best moments of my life occurred because of the Werner Paddles I have owned over the years. I live in Florida, so I definitely use my paddles all the time. I've traveled internationally with them. I will loan my kayaks, but never my paddle. I have told so many people how great your paddles are and I know you have made a small fortune because of my referrals.

      Anyhow, I just want to thank you all so much. I know you like doing good work and I know you are pretty sure you have a great product. What you may not know is how that great product consistently gives other people great moments and great lives.

      So, thank you!"

      Fawn Germer
      Best-selling Author of Nine Books
      including the Oprah Book, Hard Won Wisdom
      Ranked 13th on the Prestigious Global Gurus List of the
      Best Leadership Speakers Worldwide


      Bomber Reliability

      The following is the story of a paddle we received many years ago (Circa 2005), but we never published it online. We still have the paddle in our office today. It's a daily reminder to us of how we've earned our reputation over the years. Wes Smith, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to share the story of your paddle and rivers you were able to experience with it. It's a testament to our longevity which keeps you on the water longer and your paddle out of the landfill. Enjoy Wes' email below. 

      Werner Paddles Bomber Reliability Worn Down Sherpa

      "I wanted to give you a little history of the yellow straight shaft paddle [Sherpa] I sent you. I bought the paddle from Brooks Holmes, owner of the Snake River Kayak and Canoe shop in Jackson, WY several years back. I paddled with it for about four years or less while I lived in Wyoming. The following list of river runs contains many rivers that I would paddle several times a year. It's a brief but incomplete list of the rivers I paddled.

      • Hundreds of days on the Snake River.
      • Numerous days on the local rivers around Jackson: Gros Venture River, Grey's River, and the Teton River. Each spring we would do laps on these rivers, for example I paddled the Gros Venture River 14 times over the one week it flowed;
      • Other Wyoming Rivers: Warm Springs, Popo Agie River, and Clark's fork of the Yellowstone: stix and stones, honeymoon, and the box runs.
      • Montana: Madison River quake lake run, Big Timber Creek, Prospect Creek, Gallatin;
      • Idaho: North Fork of the Payette, Lochsa, Meadow Creek, Fall Creek;
      • Washington State: Skykomish North Fork, Upper Tye, Foss River, Sultan River, Silver Creek, Salmon Creek, some Olympic Creeks;
      • California: Smith River - lots of runs, Trinity - Burnt Ranch, Willow Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Cal-Salmon (all the runs), Kern River, East Fork and main Kaweah, Dinkey Creek, North Fork Mokelumne - Fantasy Falls, Tuolumne, South Fork of the American - South Fork of Silver Creek and Silver Fork, South Fork of the Merced;
      • Colorado: Arkansas - Pink Creek, Numbers and Royal Gorge, Clear Creek, Yampa River - Fish Creek and Elk River, Gore Canyon, Gunnison - Slate, Daisy and Oh-be-joyful many times (I left a lot of the paddle on this creek), Clear Creek;
      • New Mexico: Rio Grande - Taos Box and the Pueblo;
      • West Virginia and Maryland: Gauley, New and Yough;
      • Peru: don't have the spellings
      • Chile: Rio Colorado, Aconcagua, Ancoa, Rio Clara - upper and lower Siete Tazas, Archibueno, Upper and Lower Fuy, Trancura, Palguin, Laja, Maipo, Futaleufu, Azul...

      There's more, but you get the point. "

      Wes Smith
      Arcata, CA