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      Werner Paddles began with Werner and Martha Furrer’s first kayaking adventure together in 1955.  With limited gear available, Werner Sr built his first kayak in 1959 and subsequently his first paddle in 1965.  With a growing family, each member needed a kayak and paddle, and the Furrer garage became a workshop to deliver the gear.  From that humble beginning grew a company of dedicated craftsmen and women who bring passion, commitment, and pride to work every single day.

      Today, Werner Paddles takes an engineering and technological approach to design. Function, ergonomics, durability, and beauty are key requirements for the best paddling experience.  We take pride in handcrafting products in the U.S., minimizing waste, taking care of our people, and giving back to the local community.  Whether you spend the day paddling on flat water with your family or rely on your paddle in Class V rapids, we continuously innovate to deliver Ultimate Paddle Performance

      We hope to see you on the water soon.

      Werner Paddles Team

      To learn more about our history and view photos for a blast from the past, check out the "Our History" section. 



      Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle Blade with material

      Our Commitment

      We believe Advanced Designs and Fit are the key ingredients of a Werner Paddle. As paddlers of all levels of experience hit the water, we're all after the same thing; fun, and as little fatigue as possible. It starts with a great fit and with that more comfort and reduced fatigue, making way for a better physical performance on the water. Next we ensure paddle performance; at the core of our designs are light swing weight, smooth strokes and balance. Then, across our entire range of paddles, for every discipline and performance level, you'll find specific advanced design features that will improve your time spent on the water. On behalf of the folks at Werner Paddles, we make a promise that our pride and quality workmanship will be evident every time you pick up our paddle. You can see it in our unsurpassed attention to quality and feel it with every paddle stroke. 

      Customer Testimonials:

      “If you’re not paddling a Werner you’re not paddling."

      "...It occurred to me last night that so many of the best moments of my life occurred because of the Werner Paddles I have owned over the years. I live in Florida, so I use my paddles all the time. I've traveled internationally with them. I will loan my kayaks, but never my paddle."


       Werner Powerhouse Paddle — stuck — flexing between rocks, showcasing our bomber reliability.

      Our Mission

      To design, manufacture, and deliver the highest performance paddles worldwide.


      Our Values

      • Our product quality, friendly service, and leadership in our industry. 
      • A safe workplace, supporting strong relationships with our customers and vendors.
      • Uncompromising integrity.
      • Protection of our waterways through our #healthywaters program.

       Healthy Waters Artwork by Gretchen Leggitt

      Healthy Waters

      Our Goal: Protect the waters we all enjoy through a love of paddlesports.

      Taking responsibility to protect the places we paddle, we created our Healthy Waters initiative. We are proud to support these non-profit agencies that do so much for us all. Learn more, here.