Due to the facility moving from Washington to Tennessee, custom paddle and repair/warranty requests are on pause until further notice.
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      Werner Blog

      Jackson Kayak x Werner Paddles Partnership


      A new alliance between Jackson Kayak and Werner Paddles signifies a powerful partnership that is built on shared values and a commitment to excellence. 

      Jackson, and Werner are proud to continue a legacy of supporting specialty shops with exclusive products and top-end service. We are proud to say that specialty shops are the key focus of our sales efforts. 

      “We have a strong team, a very large facility, and our location is ideal for growth,” says Peter Hausin, CEO of Jackson Kayak, now the parent company of both brands. “We knew that we would be stronger if we were a larger company, so we are thrilled to now be joining forces with Werner, one of the premier brands in paddlesports.”  

      A meeting between Bruce Furrer, longtime owner of Werner Paddles, and Tony Lunt, co-founder and majority owner of Jackson Kayak, solidified the alignment of business values and reinforced the shared dedication to paddling, employee and community support, and delivering quality products. “After meeting with Tony, I quickly learned of his long-term involvement in paddlesports, his belief in supporting employees, and his commitment to producing the highest quality products,” says Furrer. “I’m comfortable Werner Paddles is in good hands.”

      Moving forward, both companies’ Sales and Marketing teams will continue to operate independently, remaining committed to delivering the highest quality services to their customers. Paddle production will transition to the Jackson location in Sparta, TN. “We know that it is critical to preserve the individuality of each brand,” says Hausin. “We can be a stronger and more efficient company together, but we will not abandon the uniqueness of these two stellar brands.”

      The alliance between Jackson Kayak and Werner Paddles represents a powerful collaboration that leverages their shared values, manufacturing expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional paddlesports products. Together, they are stronger, more resilient, and better positioned to serve their community and achieve continued success. 


      About Jackson Kayak

      Jackson Kayak was founded in 2004 and resides in Sparta, Tennessee, with over 100 employees. Jackson Kayak immediately became a leading whitewater brand and quickly evolved into the recreational and fishing kayak sectors. Jackson has since expanded their high-end kayak product line to include accessories, including Orion Coolers. These initiatives have helped Jackson Kayak reach more and more outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Jackson Kayak remains a family-owned and operated company today and continues to be a made-in-the-USA manufacturer, supporting Tennessee's local economy. 

      For more information, contact Emily Jackson - Marketing Director, at emily@jacksonkayak.com


      About Werner Paddles

      Werner Paddles began with Werner and Martha Furrer’s first kayaking adventure together in 1955. With limited gear available, Werner Sr built his first kayak in 1959 and subsequently his first paddle in 1965. With a growing family, each member needed a kayak and paddle, and the Furrer garage became a workshop to deliver the gear. From that humble beginning grew a company of dedicated craftsmen and women who bring passion, commitment, and pride to work every single day.

      Today, Werner Paddles takes an engineering and technological approach to design. Function, ergonomics, durability, and beauty are key requirements for the best paddling experience. We take pride in handcrafting products in the U.S., minimizing waste, taking care of our people, and giving back to the local community. Whether you spend the day paddling on flat water with your family or rely on your paddle in Class V rapids, we continuously innovate to deliver Ultimate Paddle Performance.

      For more information, contact Taylor Robertson - Director of Sales and Marketing at taylor.robertson@wernerpaddles.com

      Frank Wolf's Tongait Expedition

      Frank Wolf's Tongait Expedition

      In June of 2023, Frank Wolf cast off with friends and their Cyprus Werner Paddles on a Tongait Expedition where they would kayak through the 'Place of the Spirits'. This expedition runs a 920km route that travels around the peninsula of Labrador, exploring incredible sights of the Tongait Mountains National Park where they encounter breathtaking wildlife from moose to polar bears. 

      Check out the photos below to follow Frank on his latest expedition

      Frank Wolf Tongait ExpeditionFrank Wolf Tongait Expedition

      Frank Wolf Tongait ExpeditionFrank Wolf Tongait ExpeditionFrank Wolf Tongait ExpeditionFrank Wolf Tongait Expedition

      Photos from Frank Wolf

      Caring for Your Breakdown Paddle

      Caring for Your Breakdown Paddle

      Whether it's your main or rescue paddle for whitewater or touring, 4 piece breakdown paddles are great for easier packing and storage in between your next trip. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to care for your breakdown paddle.

      Assembling Your Paddle

      Part of what makes a Werner Paddle great is that each is hand-crafted to fit together like a glove. The white dots on the shaft and blade insert are indicators for lining up the right shaft piece with the right blade. Connect the pieces with the white dots together to avoid mixing up parts and potentially getting the wrong pieces stuck together.

      Cleaning Your Paddle

      It is recommended that you break down your paddle completely and rinse thoroughly with clean water in between uses to prolong the life of your paddle. This will help prevent dirty water and debris from getting stuck, causing difficulty assembling or taking your paddle apart. 

      If you find yourself with a stuck paddle, we recommend washing with any regular dish soap and warm water and rinse thoroughly to remove any debris. For particularly stubborn debris and stuck paddles, you may need to soak your paddle in the warm soapy water for a few hours or until the paddle becomes unstuck by attempting to pull apart. Repeat as needed until pieces are free. 

      Storing Your Paddle

      As mentioned above, simply breakdown your paddle completely, rinse with clean water, and store in a dry place until your next adventure.

      Bonus tip: We hear time after time about lost or damaged parts to our 4pc breakdown paddles, so having a bag that easily attaches to your boat is a great solution. Whether you're going on a trip or packing it up until the next day on the water, protect your investment with a handy Breakdown Paddle Bag.

      Breakdown Paddle Bags

       We always recommend having a back up paddle whether you or a buddy runs into a situation where it is needed. Explore our breakdown paddles in our touring or whitewater collections for some great options with bomber reliability. 

      Have questions? Give our customer service team a call at 1-8000-275-3311 during regular business hours for assistance.