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      Do you ship outside the U.S.?
      No, we are only selling direct to U.S. customers.

      Do you offer custom paddle options?
      We are able to handcraft a paddle made specifically for you. If you are unable to find what you're looking for, please contact your local dealer by using our Dealer Locator or give us a call at 800.275.3311 to see what we're able to build for you.

      How do I perform maintenance on my Smart View Ferrule system?
      Daily Maintenance
      • Take system apart after each use and rinse with fresh water.
      • If debris is still visible on the splines (internal and external) after rinsing, take a soft brush (ie toothbrush) and scrub the splines with just fresh water or soapy water.
      • If your ferrule is still not actuating properly, contact customer service for assistance.
      Storage and Handling
      • Paddle may be stored as 1pc after it has been rinsed with fresh water

      I have a Warranty or Repair question. What should I do?
      Please go to our Warranty & Repair page on the website where you will find all of the information you need to process your warranty or repair claim.

      Can I get a new blade put on my paddle?
      In most situations we can replace a blade for approximately half the cost of a paddle. Each situation is unique and must be evaluated by our repair department. Please call us at 800.275.3311 to review your situation.

      What is your most impact resistant Whitewater paddle?
      Choose one of our Premium Performance whitewater paddles for the greatest impact resistance.

      What makes a paddle more or less durable?
      Paddle durability is a function of the design. We strive to create the best performing paddles for their intended use, taking into account design and balancing durability, weight, strength and feel, which of course determines their performance.

      How do I locate the nearest store?
      Use our Dealer Locator here or in the navigation menu above.

      How do I care for my Adjustable Ferrule?
      You can keep your Smart-View Adjustable Ferrule System (US Patent # 6881111) working at peak performance by following three simple steps: Step 1. After every use take your paddle apart and rinse both sides inside and out with fresh water. Step 2. Store your paddle hanging apart with blades up. Step 3. NEVER use a lubricant on your ferrule! Our ferrules don't like lubricants but they love lots of water!

      Why should I feather/offset my touring paddle?
      Paddle Feather or Offset is the angle between the left and right blades. A paddle with Zero feather will lay flat on the ground. We believe a feathered paddle is chosen to support your individual paddling style. When the proper angle of feathering is chosen, your wrists will stay close to a neutral position (in alignment with your forearm), reducing the need to bend your wrist and thus reducing fatigue. During the transition from the right stroke to the left, with your right hand fixed on the shaft remaining in alignment with your forearm, the shaft will twist a certain number of degrees based on your particular style. A low top hand in the low angle style uses a lower degree of offset to support neutral wrist alignment. Suggested 0 to 45. A higher top hand in the high angle style is uses more degree of feathering to keep your wrist neutrally aligned. Suggested 45 to 60. Use the Smart-View Adjustable System (US Patent # 6881111) to see what works best for you. A paddle that is feathered to your style will be one that positions the left blade ready to take a stroke after the transition from right to left. There are many strong opinions on why feathering is used. Wind is often cited as the main reason. "Feathered paddles work best when paddling into the wind.” That is very logical but is not supported in side winds or tail winds. While we believe the reason for feathering is to support neutral wrist alignment we support whatever works best for individuals that are comfortable paddling. Have fun, without injury or excess fatigue, and we’re happy.

      What is the benefit of a carbon paddle?
      Light swing weight and stiffness. The stiff nature of carbon allows us to use less material, thus lighter swing weight while still achieving our high specification standards for performance, durability and strength.

      What is the advantage of your Neutral Bent Shaft paddles?
      Bent shaft aligns your wrists in a more ergonomic position to reduce fatigue while grasping the shaft for the confidence of full hand contact. Proper ergonomic hand, wrist and forearm position alleviates stress and strain and the potential for injury. Although a loose grip also promotes ergonomics, along with better overall technique, some paddlers want the confidence of knowing if they do over grip, due to habit or advanced conditions, they are protected. This is especially important to those with pre-existing injuries. Taking design a step further, we innovated "Neutral Bent." We achieve this by lining up all parts of the paddle in one straight line. The blades, the grip area and the ferrule. This allows for the familiar feel of a straight shaft paddle. Making finesse strokes and rolling much easier and allows for a seamless transition for those switching from straight to bent. Bent shaft has a slight penalty in weight and cost, but the trade off is the confidence in knowing you are protecting your body for the longevity of your paddling.

      What is the advantage of Werner’s Ultimate paddles?
      Our Ultimate Performance brings together all of our most advanced designs. Paddles that offer Ultimate Performance have an exceptionally light, buoyant and quiet feel on the water. Blades designed with more volume create a blade profile that displaces more water for a significantly lighter, more buoyant feel on the water. The added buoyancy is exceptional for all strokes and aids at the exit of the stroke. This allows you to use less energy on long paddle outings, creates a more stable brace and enhances kayak rolls in aerated water. The smooth back profile increases paddle performance by allowing water to flow uninterrupted. This results in smooth, quiet, fluid strokes, both forwards and back, entry and exit, and all maneuvering strokes. Choose an Ultimate paddle if you want these advantages and can treat your paddle with the respect of a fine tool that it is.

      Can I use my Werner Touring paddle in the surf zone?
      Yes, with a word of caution. We have two segments of Coastal Play Paddles and we recommend different paddles based on how you will be using them. Paddles suitable for Rock Gardening are built to take more abuse, where as paddles suitable for Lumpy Waters are built for optimal play in the surf zone. We do recommend participation in an instructional program to understand proper paddling technique before paddling in the surf zone.

      Can I use my Werner Touring paddle in a whitewater river?
      No, this is not recommended. Our touring paddles are recommended for touring in the ocean, lakes and gentle moving rivers. We do not recommend them for use in dynamic whitewater environments.

      What is the best choice for a stand up paddle boarding in a Class II and above river environment?
      We recommend the Rip Stick or Session Whitewater SUP paddles for dynamic river situations. The laminate construction and reinforced tip offers superior strength and durability.

      Do you sell ferrule kits?
      No. To ensure the performance and reliability of your two-piece paddle meets your expectations we do all ferrule conversions and repairs at our factory.

      How can I get a catalog?
      This website is an in-depth version of a catalog featuring additional design information. The website is also a great resource for general paddling information and has an interactive Fit Guide. For environmental purposes, we no longer offer a printed catalog.

      Prop65 Information

      BPA is a chemical present in all epoxy resins and therefore present in all composite products containing epoxy, which includes our carbon shaft on the Skagit FG.  An alternative for this with comparable mechanical properties currently does not exist, however our R&D team is continuously working with our suppliers to develop materials that are both free of harmful chemicals and environmentally friendly.  BPA is most harmful when ingested and therefore should not be considered for any products that touch food or drink.  Dermal exposure to products containing BPA, such that is in our shafts, is well under the safe harbor level for BPA and is therefore considered safe to use.  To avoid potential harmful exposure, please do not eat our paddle shafts or use them to eat or drink from. (Our plastic blades are actually BPA free.  Carbon and FG blades contain BPA.)