Due to the facility moving from Washington to Tennessee, custom paddle and repair requests are on pause until further notice.
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      Our Goal: Protect the waters we all enjoy through a love of paddlesports.

      Join us by using #healthywaters on social media when you post photos of cleaning up your local waterways.


      Ikkatsu Project huddled from rain using a tarp supported by a Werner Paddle to stay dry.

      Giving Back

      We are proud to support these non-for-profit agencies that do so much for us all. Below you will find a list of all of our partners so you can learn more about what they do.


      Ikkatsu Project Team Member cleans up large Styrofoam from the beach.

      Taking Action

      Join us by using #healthywaters on social media when you post photos of cleaning up your local waterways.


      Maria cuts material to exact size to minimize scrap.

      Reducing Impact

      Being handcrafted in Washington State, USA has it's advantages. With our in-house processes, we are able to use only the required amount of material needed to build the world's most ultimate performing paddles.




      Healthy Waters Artwork by Gretchen Leggitt. Water flowing from mountain top to a river.

      Taking responsibility to protect the places we paddle, we created our Healthy Waters initiative. We are proud to support these non-profit agencies that do so much for us all. Below you’ll find a listing for all of our partners so you can learn more about what they do. 


      American WhitewaterAmerican Whitewater

      Founded in 1954, AW is a national organization with a mission "to conserve and restore America's whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely." The organization is the primary advocate for the preservation and protection of whitewater resources throughout the United States.


      California Watersport Collective

      California Watersport Collective

      Cali Collective is a community-building organization committed to empowering all people to be confident both on and off the water by developing both athletic and leadership skills, cultivating personal connections and encouraging environmental stewardship.


      Northern Forest Canoe Trail

      Northern Forest Canoe Trail

      The 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail traces historic travel routes across the northeastern United States from the Adirondacks to the Allagash. We protect and steward our water trail and foster community vitality to provide inspiring outdoor experiences in the Northern Forest Region.  


      River Management Society

      River Management Society

      The nation's only network that connects those who work on and for rivers with their river professional peers. RMS offers training for and conversations between outfitters and guides, rangers, planners and landscape architects, environmental lawyers, and scientists; the River Studies and Leadership Certificate; and nationalriversproject.com to geospatially find water trails.


      Riversport River ProtectorsRiversport River Protectors

      RIVERSPORT River Protectors is a way to bring our community together as good stewards of our Oklahoma rivers and waterways. The North Canadian River travels from Colorado through New Mexico into the Texas Panhandle and on to what eventually becomes the Oklahoma River. Everything thrown away upstream eventually makes it to the Oklahoma River.


      Sierra ClubSierra Club

      Everyone deserves clean drinking water. Over 16 million Americans are drinking contaminated water. We are working hard to demand full clean-up in affected communities and an end to ongoing use of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) chemicals.  


      The Ikkatsu Project

      The Ikkatsu Project

      Ikkatsu is a Japanese term that means “united as one,” a concept that is illustrated perfectly by our oceans and the fact that, rather than separate us, they serve to bring us all together. From our home waters in the Pacific Northwest, the Ikkatsu Project is working to raise awareness about the many issues facing today’s global marine environment.

      Watch - "Decision" is the story of wild Alaska shorelines, a remote lighthouse and the ongoing problem of marine debris. The scenery is magnificent and the kayaking is superb, while the message about our addiction to plastic and its effects on the environment come through in every shot. This short film can transport you to pristine southeast Alaska waters, bringing you along on a paddling journey with whales, sea lions and otter, and still show you the realities of wilderness beaches choked with plastic debris and the volunteers working to clean them up.


      Washington Water TrailsWashington Water Trails

      Through advocacy, education, and stewardship, Washington Water Trails Association protects and promotes public access to Washington waterways, shorelines, and marine trails for human-powered watercraft. With our efforts, we want to inspire current and future generations to enjoy and take a greater role in protecting our water ways, and ensuring public access.


      Washington Water Trust
      Washington Water Trust

      Since 1998, Washington Water Trust (WWT) has been restoring healthy and sustainable flows in our state’s rivers and streams for fish, farms, people and wildlife. To date, WWT has improved flows-even in drought-years- along more than 550 miles of stream and secured upwards of 28.28 billion gallons of water to remain instream.


      Whatcom Land Trust

      Whatcom Land Trust

      Whatcom County has an abundant tapestry of lakes, rivers, farms and forests—all of which are vital to our way of life and sense of place. Whatcom Land Trust is committed to both protecting these special places and ensuring that their abundant diversity of life flourishes.