Due to the facility moving from Washington to Tennessee, custom paddle and repair requests are on pause until further notice.
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      We are proud to say each Werner Paddle is handcrafted in Washington State, USA. With over 75 people bringing each paddle to life, their attention to detail is evident in our reputation for quality and reliability. You'll see the difference first hand and most certainly feel it with every stroke on the water.


      Innovation in pursuit of performance. It's what drove Werner Furrer Sr. to question the standard in 1965. He then headed out to the garage to design better paddling paddles. With every new paddle, new ideas for improvement continued to explode among the Furrer family. It's what drove innovation on the rivers, lakes and waves of Washington in the late 70's and 80's and in turn started Werner Paddles. It's what drives us today to continue to hone our art; tweaking materials, craftsmanship and designs. Read on to see how we achieve Ultimate Paddle Performance and give you the most out of your time on the water, no matter the level of your adventure.

      Swing Weight

      Swing Weight Is a feel, measured in your hands. We design our blades to lower the dynamic weight you move with every stroke. Lowering swing weight will reduce fatigue and in turn amp up your fun on water. To test swing weight, hold a paddle horizontal with one hand at the center of the paddle and tip it from side to side. Compare to others to feel the difference.


      The blades are just part of the equation. Along with light swing weight we want to match the shaft to have an overall feel of the paddle balanced in your hands. A balanced paddle will also take into effect roll as it sits in your hands, without the blades wanting to rock forward or backward. This allows for a nice loose grip and a comfortable feel on the water all day long.

      Smooth & Stable

      Our blades are designed to be stable and smooth through the key phases of the forward stroke, Catch-Power phase-Release.   No matter how gentle or aggressive you choose to paddle, our goal is to give you a higher efficiency in every stroke.  By making easier to achieve efficient paddling, you can simply cover more water more easily or paddle at higher performance levels than ever before.  A stable stroke through all phases also allows for a lighter grip on your shaft, for less fatigue in your hands and arms.




      Our Ultimate performance brings together all of our most advanced designs. Paddles that offer Ultimate Performance have an exceptionally light, buoyant and quiet feel on the water. Our blades designed with more volume creates a blade profile that displaces more water for a significantly lighter, more buoyant feel on the water. The added buoyancy assists the blade from the water at the exit of the stroke. This allows you to use less energy on long paddle outings, creates a more stable brace, and enhances kayak rolls in aerated water. The smooth back profile increases paddle performance by allowing water to flow uninterrupted. This results in smooth, quiet, fluid strokes, in all directions. Our carbon shaft combines light weight with our reputation for strength, derived for the experience of handcrafting paddles for the most extreme users. We also spend quite a bit of time testing flex. With each stroke you feel just the perfect amount of flex, making the paddle softer on your joints. In your hands you feel balance, and our lightest swing weight paddles derive from a combination of our lightest weight carbon and fiberglass. Longer days on the water are ahead. Although our best paddling paddle, the Ultimate performance level does compromise impact resistance for light weight and performance. Strong for its intended use, paddlers should be mindful that these paddles should be used, but not abused.


      Swing weight equates to the effort it takes to move your paddle through out the stroke, and with our Premium line swing weight is minimal. Stiffness is a key element in blade performance, allowing for more efficiency as the blade flexes less under the load of moving you and your boat. Choose between fiberglass or carbon construction. Carbon gives you the lightest swing weight option and matches the strength, impact and wear resistance of fiberglass with ultimate performance carbon look. Fiberglass is a great compromise for those looking for a better value without compromising on strength and impact resistance. Also, a variety of bright color options with a handcrafted translucent look are available in our fiberglass line. Our shaft uses a carbon blend to combine light weight and strength. We have optimized the flex in these blades so that with each stroke you’ll feel a limited amount of force on your joints while getting you from A to B.


      Paddles that offer Standard Performance give you Werner's heritage and advanced design features at introductory prices. For those recreational paddlers, we still want you to experience the feel of a Werner Paddle on the water. These paddles may not have all the advanced designs features, materials and fit options but we will never give up our core philosophies of light swing weight, balance and smooth, stable strokes. Our fiberglass reinforced nylon blades are quite sturdy, so although paying a penalty in swing weight they will be much stronger than lesser quality materials. Our shaft uses a carbon-fiberglass blend to combine light weight, flex, and strength. With each stroke you’ll feel just the perfect amount of flex, making the paddle softer on your joints while delivering the power you need.



      Full Size

      Full size blades are an ideal fit for larger, well-conditioned paddlers who can maintain a comfortable pace for their desired trip length while moving more water with each stroke. These blade will take powerful strokes, accelerating and manuvering boats more abrupty, but paddlers bodies can take a toll after a long day.

      Mid Size

      Mid size blades are an ideal fit for the great majority of average size paddlers and in turn is our best seller. They are a great overall choice for power and cadence.

      Small Size

      Small size blades are an ideal fit for smaller paddlers looking to put less pressure on their body and conserve energy. The fear of not being able to keep up, or not moving enough water, can simply be offset with a higher cadence (paddling faster.) Often it is easier to work your cardiovascular a bit harder, than muscles you do not get to use everyday.



      Stand Up Paddle
      Canoe & Raft