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      Blade Dihedral

      In 1976 Werner Sr. created an new blade design with the objective to of eliminating fatigue caused by blades fluttering when stroked. This latest paddle design had complex 3 dimensional shape on the power face known as dihedral. This dihedral shape was created to direct water to flow evenly off each side of the blade creating a smooth and stable stroke with limited flutter. Without a dihedral, water builds up on the power face. This water gets “confused” and in order to expel this build up, the blade will flutter back and forth. This reduces the gripping effort needed to overcome the flutter and allows you to use a loose grip style of paddling, reducing fatigue, and increasing your enjoyment on the water.

      Dynel Edge

      To protect the specialized designs of Ultimate blades, Dynel brings an extremely abrasion and impact resistant edge. Proven on the water since 2002, this material gives confidence to paddlers buying paddles with ultimate performance. Available on our Ultimate paddles, this composite rope material disperses impact to protect the blade during a hard impact. It also greatly slows the wear process with its abrasion resistant properties. Key to protecting your investment if you come in contact with rocks or reef often in your paddling.

      Asymmetrical Blade Shape

      Asymmetrical kayak blades are designed to balance the amount of pressure loaded onto the blade face as the paddle enters and exits the water, reducing torque on the blade. When the blade loads evenly, forces are equalized, torque is minimized and your paddle will pull smoothly through the water. This reduces the need to over-grip your paddle which will allow you to have less stress on your body and enjoy paddling longer. This design feature was innovated by Werner Sr. and is a key element in our core design philosophy of a smooth and stable stroke.

      Carbon Fiber Reinforced - Injection Molded Nylon

      Our injection molded carbon reinforced nylon blades are impact and wear resistant, lighter weight and stiffer than their fiberglass counterpart, and utilizes recycled Carbon. This material allows us to mold the design elements direct from our Premium line but a lower price point.

      Fiberglass Reinforced - Injection Molded Nylon

      Injection molded fiberglass reinforced nylon blades are impact and wear resistant. This combination of materials allows us to mold the design elements direct from our Premium line but a lower price point. The fiberglass material allows a level of stiffness and light swing weight that is tops in its price category.



      Play Boating

      Werner Paddles was the innovator of the down-turned blade shape. The directional strokes needed in play boating are made smoother by this blade shape as opposed to a river running blade. This blade shape excels to help boat control, surf waves or to set up for today's most advanced moves. These blades are also a favorite of ocean surfers, in white water boats, wave skis, or surf boats. Our white water designs have a slight dihedral for smooth vertical maneuvering strokes. Note we also flatten the back face spine to aid in these strokes.

      River Running

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