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      Blade Dihedral

      In 1976 Werner Sr. created an new blade design with the objective to of eliminating fatigue caused by blades fluttering when stroked. This latest paddle design had complex 3 dimensional shape on the power face known as dihedral. This dihedral shape was created to direct water to flow evenly off each side of the blade creating a smooth and stable stroke with limited flutter. Without a dihedral, water builds up on the power face. This water gets “confused” and in order to expel this build up, the blade will flutter back and forth. This reduces the gripping effort needed to overcome the flutter and allows you to use a loose grip style of paddling, reducing fatigue, and increasing your enjoyment on the water.

      Blade Dihedral - Surfing

      Our innovative double concave dihedral gives our surfing specific Rip Stick a unique feel on the water. While focused on positioning yourself perfectly for a wave you use a variety of strokes, in a variety of angles. No matter how you pull on the Rip Stick the dihedral creates a self-centering dynamic with minimal flutter. It is also configured for a powerful catch as each concave creates a power pocket that catches water. This gives maximum power from a low profile blade shape and smaller overall size.

      12 Degree Offset

      12 Degree blade to shaft offset lends itself to forward propulsion and is optimal for SUP racing.This offset keeps the blade more vertical through the entirety of the power phase of the stroke. Since bracing is not as relevant in a race, the increased offset is not as much of a concern. Certainly you will need the occasional stabilizing stroke and you can perform those, but let's face it if you're not paddling hard forward you are not keeping up.

      10 Degree Offset

      10 Degree blade to shaft offset is utilized to help the versatile use paddler excel. For the paddler who does a bit of everything; touring, surfing, fishing, fitness, the best offset for forward paddling and bracing is 10 degrees. A more shallow offset, such as 7 degrees that we have on our Rip Stick blade, helps flatten the blades contact point with the water during a brace stroke. This smaller angle allows more stability and confidence in a dynamic environment. A steeper offset, such as 12 degrees that we have on our Grand Prix race paddle, helps keep the blade more vertical through the power phase of the stroke. This gives better forward propulsion when looking to go fast or be more efficient. So by splitting the difference with 10 degrees, it allows the all-around paddler to feel good in the surf, while having a more efficient stroke when they go on tour.

      7 Degree Offset

      The ability to brace is vital in these environments. Paddling through breaking waves or a rapid and stabilizing to change direction when on a wave utilizes a brace. The offset to 7 degrees helps to flatten the blade out and reduces the chance of it diving, giving the paddler more confidence. The shorter, faster strokes needed in surf and whitewater generally never make their way all the way back to the paddler's feet and the shallow offset complements that.

      Dynel Edge

      To protect the specialized designs of Ultimate blades, Dynel brings an extremely abrasion and impact resistant edge. Proven on the water since 2002, this material gives confidence to paddlers buying paddles with ultimate performance. Available on our Ultimate paddles, this composite rope material disperses impact to protect the blade during a hard impact. It also greatly slows the wear process with its abrasion resistant properties. Key to protecting your investment if you come in contact with rocks or reef often in your paddling.

      Ultimate - Carbon Fiber Dynel Reinforced - Whitewater Stand Up

      Our Ultimate performance whitewater blades are far and away our best paddling whitewater paddles. Our engineering team has tested and created the perfect combination of fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar to match light weight with our Bomber strength. To assure confidence in the rigors of the whitewater environment, we mold in a thick Dynel edge guard. A roping material, dynel is impact and abrasion resistant.

      Ultimate - Carbon Fiber

      The carbon materials along with our proprietary foam core, make this this our lightest option in our Ultimate performance line. The proprietary foam core gives the blade volume, Buoyancy, and internal strength while allowing for a smooth back face.

      Ultimate - Fiberglass

      The merging of the durability of fiberglass with the volume of our proprietary foam core make this our more modestly priced option in our Ultimate performance line. With dyed resins we achieve bright colors in these blade options. The proprietary foam core gives the blade volume and internal strength, allowing for a spineless back face.

      Premium - Fiberglass

      Originally developed in the 70's and perfected for decades. Our Premium fiberglass blades in HD Graphics or Translucent colors look unlike any other. A true work of art, the perfection in hand craftsmanship can be seen by holding the blades up to the light. These full fiberglass blades provide light swing weight and stiffness for our mid-price point. A foam reinforcement stick provides rigidity.

      Fiberglass Reinforced - Injection Molded Nylon

      Injection molded fiberglass reinforced nylon blades are impact and wear resistant. This combination of materials allows us to mold the design elements direct from our Premium line but a lower price point. The fiberglass material allows a level of stiffness and light swing weight that is tops in its price category.

      Standard - Fiberglass

      Our Standard performance fiberglass blades are both lighter and stiffer than our injection molded blades. While they do outweigh our premium blades, their fiberglass construction is the best choice for value while still giving the blade a great look and feel.


      Stand Up Paddle Blade Shape

      The innovators of the Long Slender Rectangular blade shape. Copied, but never duplicated, our blade shape is far and away the most gentle on the body, allowing you to enjoy the water all day without feeling beat up tomorrow. A softer feel and higher cadence without having to sacrifice blade surface area. Match this shape to your physical size and goals in the sport with 3 different sizes.