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      Werner Blog — #healthywaters



      In collaboration with the University of Nottingham and ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd. out of Bilston, England, Werner Paddles is donating composite materials for research in expanding composite recycling capabilities to products that contain both carbon and fiberglass materials, known as hybrids.  Current capabilities are restricted to recycling carbon fiber only products.

      Why? We’re thinking about tomorrow. Being a part of cutting edge research in sustainable composite manufacturing reinforces our commitment to protect the environment and our waterways.

      What does this mean for paddlers?  In addition to reducing our carbon footprint here at Werner, we hope someday soon, paddles that are ready for retirement can be recycled, carbon fiber reclaimed, and new products made!  Check out our recycled carbon fiber reinforced injection molded paddles.

      We couldn’t be more excited about contributing to the development of tomorrow’s technology in sustainable manufacturing.  We’d like to thank you for continued support and trust in our paddles each and every time you go paddling. We’ll see you on the water. 

      Want to know more about what Werner is doing for tomorrow?  Check out our Healthy Waters Initiative.

      You can learn much more about the carbon fiber recycling process over at ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd.’s website, here: http://www.elgcf.com/home